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Pachmayr Pachmayr Deluxe Model Pads

Our most popular and versatile pad, with excellent recoil absorption and attractive White-line base, & Black base.

PA00107 Pachmayr Deluxe Model Pads In Stock   $22.99

Pachmayr Pachmayr Lightweight Pads

Here are legendary Pachmayr performance and quality in a lightweight pad especially popular with European sportsmen. Ideal for small gauge field and skeet shotguns.

PA00207 Pachmayr Lightweight Pads In Stock   $20.99

Pachmayr Pachmayr Old English Pads

Patented internal tapered ribbing with smooth sides and rounded edges combine to make this the aristocrat of recoil pads, the ideal choice to compliment any fine rifle or shotgun. Available in Black Base only.

PA01612 Pachmayr Old English Pads In Stock   $22.99

Pachmayr Pachmayr PacSkin Grips

PA00710 Pachmayr Pac Skin - Rifle Grip & Forend In Stock   $13.49
PA00711 Pachmayr Pac Skin - Shotgun Grip Set In Stock   $13.49

Pachmayr Pachmayr Pad Spacers

PA01791 Pachmayr Synthetic Stock Adapter - Large In Stock   $10.99
PA03472 Pachmayr Pad Spacers In Stock   $7.49

Pachmayr Pachmayr Pre-Fit Decelerator Pads

Pachmayr's Pre-Fit Decelerator¨ Recoil Pad System designed to fit the most popular shotguns and rifles. Now, there is no more need for gunsmithing. Easy, do-it-yourself system allows the pad to be changed at your own home.

PA01712 Pachmayr Pre-Fit Decelerator Pads In Stock   $33.99

Pachmayr Pachmayr Rifle Pads

These pads are specially designed for varmint and light game rifles. The 200 Presentation Pad provides excellent shoulder stability. Model 250- Heavy face. Model 200-Medium face texture.

PA00404 Pachmayr Rifle Pads In Stock   $18.49
PA00408 Pachmayr Rifle Pads In Stock   $18.49

Pachmayr Pachmayr Slip-On Pads

Ideal for use with a borrowed firearm or to extend trigger pull length when hunting in warm weather.

PA02302 Pachmayr Slip-On Pads In Stock   $12.49

Pachmayr Pachmayr Sporting Clays

Designed specifically for the exciting new competitive shotgunning event, Sporting Clays, this all new pad has a smooth, hard heel on the pad's face so the pad will slide easily along the shooting vest or jacket and then lock firmly into place when the lower part of one pad comes into contact with your shoulder. The rest of the pad is made from our Deceleratorª material for the ultimate in recoil absorption. An ideal pad for any shotgun sport requiring a fast, sure mount.

PA03233 Pachmayr Sporting Clays In Stock   $38.49
PA03235 Pachmayr Sporting Clays In Stock   $38.49
PA03236 Pachmayr Sporting Clays In Stock   $38.49
PA04857 Pachmayr Sporting Clays In Stock   $38.49
PA04856 Pachmayr Decelerator Sporting Clays In Stock   $38.49

Pachmayr Pachmayr Triple Magnum Pads

These hand made pads distribute recoil force more evenly for superior shooting comfort. Patented sponge inserts in each end counteract gun butt tendency to move downward, while the unique internal tapered ribbing and open bottom pro provide incomparable recoil absorption.

PA02103 Pachmayr Triple Magnum Pads In Stock   $57.99
PA02105 Pachmayr Triple Magnum Pads In Stock   $57.99

ProMag Magazines

ZMAATS1022 ProMag Industries Archangel 10/22 Deluxe Target Stock In Stock   $95.29
ZMAATS1022RG ProMag Industries Archangel 10/22 Target Green In Stock   $95.29
ZMAATS1022M ProMag Industries Archangel 10/22 Magnum Deluxe Target Stock In Stock   $95.29

ProMag Magazines


ProMag Magazines

ZMAAM1A ProMag Industries Archangel M1A Precision Stock Black In Stock   $243.29

ProMag Magazines


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