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ME8567N20 MEC 8567N Grabber - 20 Gauge Out   $468.99
ME8567N28 MEC 8567N Grabber - 28 Gauge In Stock   $510.99
ME8567N410 MEC 8567N Grabber - .410 Gauge In Stock   $510.99

MEC Reloaders

ME812010 MEC The Sizemaster - 10 Gauge In Stock   $288.99
ME812012 MEC The Sizemaster - 12 Gauge In Stock   $267.99
ME812016 MEC The Sizemaster - 16 Gauge In Stock   $288.99
ME812020 MEC The Sizemaster - 20 Gauge In Stock   $267.99
ME812028 MEC The Sizemaster - 28 Gauge In Stock   $288.99
ME8120410 MEC The Sizemaster - .410 Gauge In Stock   $267.99
ME811910 MEC Super Sizer - 10 Gauge In Stock   $118.99
ME811912 MEC Super Sizer - 12 Gauge In Stock   $107.99
ME811916 MEC Super Sizer - 16 Gauge In Stock   $118.99
ME811920 MEC Super Sizer - 20 Gauge In Stock   $107.99
ME811928 MEC Super Sizer - 28 Gauge In Stock   $118.99
ME8119410 MEC Super Sizer - .410 Gauge In Stock   $118.99
ME9000GN12 MEC 9000GN - 12 Gauge In Stock   $574.99
ME9000GN16 MEC 9000GN - 16 Gauge In Stock   $627.99
ME9000GN20 MEC 9000GN - 20 Gauge In Stock   $574.99
ME9000GN28 MEC 9000GN - 28 Gauge In Stock   $627.99
ME9000GN410 MEC 9000GN - .410 Gauge In Stock   $627.99


RC88700 RCBS Ammo Master .50 BMG Pack In Stock   $712.49

RCBS Bullet Sizing and Lube

RC80040 RCBS Lube-A-Matic 2 In Stock   $195.49

RCBS Grand

Features and Benefits:

- Massive Frame: The high grade aluminum casting are tied together with steel rods and links. The 11ß2" diameter ram is joined to the famous RCBS Compound Leverage System for a smooth, solid, effortless feel. The large openings in the frame give easy access to all of the 8 stations.
- Universal Case Holders: For easy removal or insertion of hulls at all stations. Allows sizing the metal portion of the hull down to the rim.
- Auto Indexing: The Auto Indexing System is very simple, yet very reliable. It's easily removable for those who prefer manual indexing - pull the pin and the unit slips out in one piece!
- Steel Sizer Ring: Provides complete resizing of high and low base hulls - a feature not found on most other shotshell presses.
- Tilt - Out Wad Guide: The Tilt-Out Wad Guide is spring-loaded for easy, convenient feeding of wads. The Wad Guide is designed for use with Federal or your favorite brand of wads.
- Priming System: Feeds one primer at a time and is extremely reliable - no double - stacked primers, no overturned primers and no skipped primers.
- Powder System: Case activated - no hull, no powder dropped and therefore no spillage, and there is no need to manually turn the powder on and off. Because the powder charging station is at the front of the press, it is easy to view the powder charge and convenient to remove the powder-charged hull for weighing the powder charge, if deemed necessary.
- Shot System: Again, Case Activated. Which means no hull, no shot and best of all, no spillage. You never need to continually turn the shot measure "ON" or "OFF". The shot system is easily drained. Merely attach the drain tube below the shot measure. Shift the Shot Measure to "EMPTY". Shot then falls back in the shot bag or container. It's that quick and simple, plus no lead shot on the floor!
Interchangeable Shot Bushings are changed in about 30 seconds, and are available for most popular charge weights and shot sizes.
Hornady¨ Shot Bushings are also compatible with THE GRAND charge bar. The Shot Hopper has a capacity of 25 lbs. of shot.
Through the unique combination of the Powder System, Shot System and Universal Case Holders, the user can load just one hull without the fear of spilling powder or shot.

The Grand comes with a charge bar, powder bushing #452 (17.5 grains of Red Dot) and lead shot bushing RC89191 (1 1/8 oz. #7 1/2's).

RC89001 RCBS: The Grand 12 Gauge Out   $899.99
RC89003 RCBS: The Grand 20 Gauge In Stock   $899.99

RCBS Partner Press

RCBS quality at an affordable price. Has the block "O" frame & compound leverage. Also has the standard 7/8 - 12 thread for all RCBS reloading dies and many RCBS accessories. Also utilizes standard RCBS removable-type shell holders. Does not include dies or shell holders.

RC87460 RCBS Partner Press In Stock   $89.99

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