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RCBS Bullet Pullers and Accessories

The easy way to fix mistakes. An improved 3-jaw chuck grips the case rim, just rap it on a solid surface like a hammer. Powder and bullet drop into the main chamber for re-use. A soft cushion prevents bullets from being damaged. Solid one piece design adds extra strength and is guaranteed for life.

RC09431 RCBS .375 Bullet Puller Collet Out   $12.49
RC09432 RCBS .40 Bullet Puller Collet In Stock   $12.49
RC09433 RCBS .41 Bullet Puller Collet In Stock   $12.49
RC09435 RCBS .44/11mm Bullet Puller Collet In Stock   $12.49
RC09436 RCBS .45 Bullet Puller Collet In Stock   $12.49
RC09423 RCBS 6.5mm Bullet Puller Collet In Stock   $12.49
RC09421 RCBS 6mm Bullet Puller Collet In Stock   $12.49
RC09425 RCBS 7mm Bullet Puller Collet In Stock   $12.49
RC09418 RCBS Pow'r Pull Replacement Chuck Assembly In Stock   $5.99
RC09416 RCBS Pow'r Pull Magnum Chuck Assembly In Stock   $5.99

RCBS Bullet Sizing and Lube

RC80040 RCBS Lube-A-Matic 2 In Stock   $195.49

RCBS Case Activated Linkage Kit

Convert the Uniflow powder Measure (not included) for use on most four or five-station progressive presses. The Uniflow Powder Measure can have the regular Measuring Screw or the optional Micrometer Adjustment Screw installed, depending on your preference. Three powder bushings are included for most popular rifle and pistol calibers: Small Rifle for .22 through .270 calibers, Large Rifle for 7mm through 45 calibers and Pistol for .32 through .45 calibers. The powder bushings are designed to eliminate powder spillage around the case mouth. Fully adjustable for all of the different variations in case length.

RC98911 RCBS Case Activated Linkage Kit In Stock   $82.99

RCBS Case Master

A quick convenient way to determine several important case and cartridge dimensions. Case Master measures case neck thickness, case length and bullet run-out. All are important to accuracy and safety. Quicker than a dial caliper and makes a tedious job simple and less tiring. Detect case head separation before symptoms are apparent on the outside of the case. Any hunter who has had a case separate in the field knows it always happens at the worst possible time.

RC87310 RCBS Case Master Gauging Tool In Stock   $132.49

RCBS Case Neck Turner

Two tools for fast, easy removal of excessive neck thickness, or variation in case thickness. It guides the cutter over the sized cartridge case neck and is supported by the pilot/reamer. The Auto Feed Attachment (for Case Trimmer-2 and Trim Pro) advances the cutting tool over the case neck with each turn of the trimmer handle.

RC90410 RCBS Hand Case Neck Turner Pilot .26 Cal In Stock   $10.49
RC98860 RCBS Case Neck Turner with Auto Feed In Stock   $81.49
RC98861 RCBS Case Neck Turner In Stock   $39.49

RCBS Case Prep, Lube, and Accessories

An excellent lubricant that's water soluble to wipe off easily with no sticky residue. Will not harm primers. Non-toxic. Use Case Lube 2 with our Case Lube Pad.

RC09315 RCBS Case Slick Spray Lube In Stock   $9.49
RC09335 RCBS Case Lube Kit Out   $18.21
RC09307 RCBS Case Lube Pad In Stock   $10.49
RC09311 RCBS Case Lube 2 In Stock   $3.99
RC09329 RCBS Case Neck Brush .35-.45 - Large In Stock   $2.99
RC09328 RCBS Case Neck Brush .270-.30 - Medium In Stock   $2.99
RC09327 RCBS Case Neck Brush .22-.25- Small In Stock   $2.99
RC09574 RCBS Primer Pocket Brush Combo Out   $24.50
RC09577 RCBS Large Primer Pocket Brush In Stock   $7.49

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