Offer not valid in Tennessee, Georgia or Alabama

To ensure proper delivery of emails concerning your order, please add as a trusted sender.

Very rarely an item may be out of stock, even though our web site indicated it was in stock when the order was placed. In that event, you will be notified of what item or items were out of stock and your new final total. You will also be asked to reply to the email letting us know whether or not to proceed with your order.

Out of stock merchandise will not be backordered automatically. You can use the stock notification feature on the web site to receive an email when an item returns to stock, or request an item be placed on backorder. The stock notification feature on our web site is not an order or backorder, just a notification.

If you call us to request an item be placed on backorder, we will ship it automatically without notice if it returns to stock within 30 days. After 30 days, you will be notified by phone when merchandise arrives. Be sure to give a good daytime number when placing your order.

You will receive at least two emails when you place an order. The first is automated and is sent immediately after the order is placed, with all of the details of the order. The second email will notify you of the status of your order, most of the time the second email has tracking information, if not please read the email carefully and respond as needed.

If you receive an email that needs further attention, please reply to that email as requested. Some may ask you to call and others may simply ask for a reply email. Orders needing verification will not ship without receiving a reply telling us how to proceed.

Orders that need verification, and do not receive a reply will be canceled without further notice after 5 business days.