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Knight Disc Extreme Muzzleloader .45 Cal, 26" Barrel, Composite Stock, Blued

Product Number: KGDE656C

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Knight Muzzleloading

Details & Specs

The Knight DISC Extreme has long been the standard in modern black powder rifles. Each DISC Extreme embodies the beauty of American manufacturing with individually machined bolts. Quality and accuracy are guaranteed with the DISC Extreme thanks to its handcrafted, 26” Green Mountain barrel. Knight has taken care to use only American parts from the smallest screw, the trigger, and the barrel. When you buy a Knight Rifle, you buy 100% American made.

This .45 super disc utlizes a unique gloss-finish stainless steel breech plug only to be used in this rifle. The receiver is drilled and tapped for easy scope mounting with a fully adjustable metallic rear and sight with front ramp and bead. Features an in-line ignition system, #11 percussion cap or 209 shot shell primer. Length: 43", Weight: 6 lbs. 14oz.

Charge Capacities:

  • Up to 120 grains of loose powder
  • Up to 150 grains of Pyrodex pistol pellets
  • Up to 150 grains of clean shot pellets


  • Lead: 180 gr
  • Barnes Red Hot 150, 165 and 175 gr
  • Sabots

    • Use tan sabots with up to 100 grains FFFg black powder or equivalent, use brown high pressure sabots with larger powder charges.

    Included: Combo tool, VHS video, 5 plug screws, tube of bullets, 5-32 allen wrench, jag and extension, C-ring, orange discs, nipple insert.

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