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Lyman 3-Die Rifle Sets for Straight Cases .45-70 cal

Product Number: LY7460496

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.45-70 cal

Details & Specs

The Lyman 3-Die Rifle Set for Straight Cases are crafted with fine attention to detail, manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that each and every die is perfectly dimensioned. Included in this 3-die set are the Lyman Full Length Sizing Die with decapping stem, the Two-Step Neck Expanding Die, and a Bullet Seating Die.

Not only are these dies made with high-quality materials, but they are vented, polished, and heat-treated for durability

Lyman 3-Die Rifle Sets for Striaght Cases .45-70 cal zoom
  • Lyman 3-Die Rifle Sets for Striaght Cases .45-70 cal