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C-More Railway Electronic Sight

Heads Up display for an uncluttered super wide field of view.
Fits weaver and picatinny rail designs.
Space age lightweight polymer sight body, with an aircraft alloy base.
Quickly installed using three thumbnut tightened clamps for extra stability.
Utilizes printed circuit board construction to eliminate broken, frayed, and shorted wiring.
High intensity and high efficiency diode for super bright dot and long battery life.
Interchangeable modular dot design allows shooters to install the appropriate dot module size for a specific application.
Greater range of windage and elevation adjustments than any electronic sight available and the security of locking screws for settings.

CPRWB4 C-More Railway Black Standard Switch 4-MOA In Stock   $227.99
CPCRWBL8 C-More Click Railway Red Dot Sight 8MOA Blue In Stock   $281.99

C-More STS Red Dot Sight

CPSTSCB7 C-More STS Reddot Sight 7-MOA Black In Stock   $335.99

C-More Serendipity SL

Infinitely Variable Intensity Switch: Suitable for all lighting conditions
- Circuit Board Electronics: No fragile wiring to break
- Shock Absorbing Space Age Polymer Construction: Elimination of 'dot' oscillation for a quicker second shot
- Heads Up Display: No rubes, battery containers, or adjustment knobs to limit your view
- 3.75 oz total weight: Seriously faster first shot, breaks, splits, and loads
- Monobloc Integral Mount: No mount to buy and gun must be drilled & tapped
- Precision Machined Mounting Pads: For 1911, Colt, Caspian, Para, STI, SVI, CZ, TZ, Browning Hi-Power

CPSL750B8 C-More Serendipity Black Standard Switch 8-MOA In Stock   $214.49


CK72602 Centerpoint Tactical 1x25 mm Multi-Tac™ Quick Aim Sight Illuminated Red/Green Reticle In Stock $39.99  $29.99
CK70301 Center Point 32mm Reflex Sight Red/Green Illuminated Reticle In Stock $39.99  $34.99

Military HWS

YZ552A651 EOTech Model 552 Night Vision Compatible Military Holographic Sight In Stock   $529.00
YZEXPS30 EOTech Model EXPS3 65MOA Circle with 1MOA Aiming Dot Sight In Stock   $629.00
YZEXPS32 EOTech Model EXPS3 65MOA Circle with Two 1MOA Aiming Dot Holographic Sight In Stock   $629.00
YZXPS20 Eotech Model XPS20 65MOA/1MOA Dot Transverse Holographic Sight In Stock   $499.00
YZXPS21 Eotech Model XPS21 Single 1MOA Dot Transverse Holographic Sight In Stock   $499.00
YZXPS22 Eotech Model XPS22 65MOA/ Two 1MOA Dot Transverse Holographic Sight In Stock   $499.00
YZXPS2RF EOTech Model XPS2 Rimfire 65MOA Circle w/ Two 1MOA Aiming Dot Holographic Sight In Stock   $375.00
YZXPS32 Eotech Model XPS3-2 65MOA/ Two 1MOA Dot Transverse Holographic Sight In Stock   $589.00
YZXPS30 Eotech Model XPS30 65MOA/1MOA Dot Transverse Holographic Sight In Stock   $589.00

Sport/Hunting HWS

YZ512A651 EOTech Model 512 Holographic Weapon Sight In Stock   $439.00
YZXPS2Z EOTech XPS2 Zombie Stopper In Stock   $417.59

FN1897851240 FNH C-More ARW Sight In Stock   $299.99
ISSM14011 Sellmark Sightmark Green Mini Shot with Hood In Stock   $102.84
ISSM13001 Sellmark Mini Shot Reflex Sight Red Dot In Stock   $79.99

ISSM26005 Sightmark Ultra Shot M-Spec Refl In Stock   $199.99

Red Dot Sights

LFES1X30TP Leatherwood 1x30mm Tactical Red Dot Sight 5MOA Reticle Matte Finished In Stock   $64.00
LFES1X50TP Leatherwood 1x50mm Tactical Red Dot Sight 3-5MOA Reticle Matte Finished In Stock   $94.00

LU113438 BLEM 1X14 PRISMATIC IL CIRCLE PLEX - MATTE In Stock $499.99  $399.99

Prismatic Scopes

LU63885 Leupold Prismatic 1x14mm Hunting Riflescope Illum. Circle Plex Reticle Matte In Stock   $499.99

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