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Allstar/Magnus Bullets .38 cal .357" 125 gr JHP 250/ct

Product Number: ALJ102

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Bullet Type







125 gr



Details & Specs

Allstar/Magnus Bullets come as .38/.357 .357 diameter with 125 grain round nose flat point, 9mm 115 grain FMJ jacketed, .38/.357 .357 diameter 158 grain semi-wad cutter beveled base, and .45 Colt .452 diameter 250 grain round nose flat point.

Rather than reloading, these bullets are manufactured using state-of-the-art machinery using virgin alloys comprised of 91 percent lead, 5 percent antimony, and 4 percent tin, and are ready for use by hunters and other shooters. This unique blend of alloys produced a lead bullet capable of being fired at 1,200 feet per second with little, if any, problems associated with leading for most handguns.

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Allstar/Magnus Bullets - .38 cal .357 dia 125 gr JHP - 250/ct zoom
  • Allstar/Magnus Bullets .38 cal .357" 125 gr JHP 250/ct
  • Allstar/Magnus Bullets .38 cal .357" 125 gr JHP 250/ct