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Barnes Multi-Purpose green (MPG) Bullets .22 cal .224" 55 gr MPGFB 100/ct

Product Number: BX22476

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Bullet Type







55 gr



Details & Specs

Used primarily for .22 and .30 caliber cartridges used by law enforcement officials and military tactical shooters, these bullets boast a frangible copper tin core made from powdered-metal. Unlike similar bullets on the market, these have a unique gliding metal jacket. With this, bullets remain intact even when handled roughly, as well as during feeding and firing.

Because of the design, rarely is there a problem with gun jamming caused by bullets that fragmented prematurely. For the .22 caliber, the bullet is a hollow point flat base made without lead. Unlike reloading bullets made at home, these provide serious performance.


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Barnes Multi-Purpose Green (MPG) Bullets .22 cal .224" 55 gr MPGFB - 100/ct zoom
  • Barnes MultiPurpose Green (MPG) Bullets .22 cal .224" 55 gr MPGFB 100/ct
  • Barnes MultiPurpose Green (MPG) Bullets .22 cal .224" 55 gr MPGFB 100/ct