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Hornady Handgun Bullets .500 S&W .500" 300 gr XTP 50/ct

Product Number: HO50101

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Bullet Type



.500 S&W




300 gr



Details & Specs

The Hornady name is synonymous with quality, evident in Hornady XTP Handgun Bullets. These hollow point bullets are designed not only for big game hunters but also law enforcement officials and self-protection. The bullets featured controlled expansion that includes six serrations dividing the bullet into six distinct and symmetrical sections.

Each section weakens the jacket, which in turn provides more controlled expansion at low velocities. This also ensures that at high velocities, fragmentation does not occur. In addition, this is one bullet without stopping power. Other features include the drawn copper jacket and swaged core for uniform expansion.

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Hornady Handgun Bullets - .500S&W .500 dia 300 gr XTP - 50/ct zoom
  • Hornady Handgun Bullets .500 S&W .500" 300 gr XTP 50/ct
  • Hornady Handgun Bullets .500 S&W .500" 300 gr XTP 50/ct