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Hornady Match Bullets .30 cal .308" 168 gr BTHP 100/ct

Product Number: HO30501

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168 gr



Details & Specs

Hornady Match Bullets are manufactured for various calibers, diameters, and grains, but all are engineered to the highest level possible of perfection. The jackets are made using an Advanced Manufacturing Process, which is a major improvement in design, tooling, and manufacturing. The result is extremely consistent concentric jackets with almost no tolerance for concentricity, as well as close to zero variation in wall thickness.

Because of this technology coupled with a lead core that has been precision swaged, these bullets meet the toughest industry standards. They also feature a secant ogive profile that reduces drag and produces flatter trajectories.

Due to individual municipal or state laws, we may not be able to sell or ship some items to your area. Check your state and local laws before attempting to purchase. See a list of current restrictions.

Hornady Match Bullets - .30 cal .308 dia 168 gr BTHP - 100/ct zoom
  • Hornady Match Bullets .30 cal .308" 168 gr BTHP 100/ct
  • Hornady Match Bullets .30 cal .308" 168 gr BTHP 100/ct