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Hornady Z-MAX Rifle Bullets .20 cal .204" 32 gr Z-MAX 500/ct

Product Number: HO22003

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32 gr



Details & Specs

Manufactured for various calibers, Hornady Z-Max Rifle Bullets are affordable yet designed to near perfection. These bullets are made for incredible accuracy, something hunters, law enforcement officials, and other tactical shooters need. They can deliver destructive expansion with powerful results, and thanks to the polymer tip, ballistic coefficient is increased.

The bullets go through a swaging process that ensures exact formation of the core around the tip for a buildup of energy that leads to unrivaled performance. The bullets also have a copper jacket for maximum stability and a boat tail. Because of their high quality, many shooters use nothing else.

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Hornady Z-Max Rifle Bullets - .20 cal .204 dia 32 gr ZMAX - 500/ct

  • Hornady ZMax Rifle Bullets .20 cal .204" 32 gr ZMAX 500/ct
  • Hornady ZMax Rifle Bullets .20 cal .204" 32 gr ZMAX 500/ct