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Nosler VarMageddon Bullets .17 cal .172" 20 gr FB-TIPPED 100/ct

Product Number: NO17210

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20 gr



Details & Specs

Over the years, Nosler has maintained a solid reputation for quality production, consistency, and reliability, all characteristics of Nosler Varmageddon Bullets. Using the popular Solid Base and Partition, design and functionality has continuously improved. These Varmageddon bullets are technologically advanced and designed to kill game at long ranges.

As one of the newer bullets sold by Nosler, these come in hollow point or polymer tip. The bullets boast a flat based design that delivers extreme terminal performance as well as high velocities. Designed for seven of the most popular calibers, these particular bullets are guaranteed not to disappoint.


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Nosler Varmageddon Bullets - .17 cal .172 dia 20 gr FBTIP - 100/ct zoom
  • Nosler Varmageddon Bullets .17 cal .172" 20 gr FB-TIPPED 100/ct
  • Nosler Varmageddon Bullets .17 cal .172" 20 gr FB-TIPPED 100/ct