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Rainier Ballistics LeadSafe Handgun Bullets 9mm .355" 124 gr HP 500/ct

Product Number: RH00961

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Rainier Ballistics

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124 gr



Details & Specs

Rainier has offered consumers a wide range of swaged lead core copper plated bullets of varying calibers for years. These high-quality bullets are an outstanding choice. There is no question that these bullets offer unrivaled accuracy. They are swaged twice using lead wire to ensure tight uniformity that also prevents barrels from wearing prematurely.

When loading bullets and for a slight taper crimp, Rainer suggests using lead bullet load data. In addition, the company recommends a maximum velocity of 1,500 feet per second. Made with a lead core covered with copper plating, these bullets are ideal for most indoor shooting ranges.

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Rainier Ballistics Bullets - .355 cal .355 dia 124 gr PHP - 500/ct

  • Rainier Ballistics Bullets .355 cal .355" 124 gr PHP 500/ct
  • Rainier Ballistics Bullets .355 cal .355" 124 gr PHP 500/ct