Accurate Powder Magpro 8 lbs

Product Number: AAMAGPRO8
Item Price: $155.49
Availability: Currently Out of Stock, click the alert icon Request Availability Notice to be notified when product is available.
Shipping Weight: 9.46 lbs.

Powder currently has a 10lb max purchase PER item, with a 50lb max purchase per day. This can be a combination of multiple powder items for a combined total of up to 50lbs.

Due to limited supplies, and high demand this item has a 1 piece maximum order quantity per customer, every 1 day.

The new smokeless powder from Accurate, is designed especially for the new range of very efficient short magnum rifle cartridges. MAGPRO has been designed to produce optimum velocities at nearly full case capacity in these "modern" calibers. There is currently no other ball propellant in the U.S. market of equal burn rate. MAGRO has just made long-range hunting as efficient as the caliber it was designed for. And better yet, because of its uniformity of shape it has the flow required for progressive loading machines. MAGRO is also a good choice for the standard magnum cartridges.

Hazmat shipping fee applies - $28.50 handling charge per 50 Lbs.

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