CVA Cleaning Brush .54 Cal

Product Number: CVAC1463B
Item Price: $1.79
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 0.06 lb.

  • Loop through ferrule design won't pull off.
  • Makes cleaning quicker and easier
  • Wire cleaning brush to loosen the toughest fouling
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      Product Title In Stock Pricing
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    CVAC1671 CVA 209 Shotgun Primer Adapter (Pre-2000 Bolt Actions) Out   $41.58
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    CVAC1678A CVA 209 Hex Head Shotgun Primer Replacement Breech Plug In Stock   $11.29
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    CVAC1455C CVA Cleaning Patches 2" Dia. 500/Pack Out   $9.79
    CVAC1410 CVA Adjustable Powder Measure (Range) In Stock   $6.99
    CVAC1682 CVA Black Powder Anti-Seize Stick Applicator In Stock   $3.79
    CVAC1688 CVA Barrel Blaster™ Foaming Bore Cleaner In Stock   $8.29
    CVAC1686 CVA Barrel Blaster™ Parts Soaker 4 oz. Out   $6.29
    CVAC1687 CVA Barrel Blaster™ Quick-Clean Patch In Stock   $6.29
    CVAC1689 CVA Barrel Blaster™ Rust Prevent Patch In Stock   $5.49
    CVAC1681 CVA Barrel Blaster™ Rust Prevent Spray In Stock   $6.49
    CVAC1685 CVA Barrel Blaster™ Solvent Spray 12 oz. In Stock   $6.99
    CVAC1684 CVA Barrel Blaster™ Wonder Gel Solvent In Stock   $8.79
    CVAC1612 CVA Breech Brush Set for In-Line Rifle In Stock   $2.29
    CVAC1615 CVA Breech Plug Cleaners (50-Pack) In Stock   $3.49
    CVAC1461 CVA Bullet Puller In Stock   $1.49
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    CVAC1462A CVA Cleaning Jag .50 Cal In Stock   $1.79
    CVAC1455B CVA Cleaning Patches 2" Dia. 200/Pack In Stock   $5.49
    CVMC2045 CVA Soft Gun Case In Stock   $24.49
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    CVAC1629 CVA Double-Ended Parts Cleaning Brush In Stock   $2.29
    CVAC1602 CVA Hunter Nipple Wrench Universal In Stock   $5.79

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