Do-All AP22 Blast Back Popup Target

Product Number: DOAP22
Item Price: $89.99 $74.99
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 37.11 lbs.

For .17 - .22 Rimfire calibers

The Do-All Outdoors Blast Back Auto Pop-Up Targets are a revolutionary design for all those target shooters in the world. These targets use a patented design of springs and latches that allows them to be shot and locked in a down position. As the shooter runs through the targets, knocking them down, they can simply reset them to their original upright position by shooting the reset target.

This design makes shooting steel an incredibly fun and enjoyable activity for every shooter out there. You are 100% sure when you make a good shot on these targets because with a “ding” they will lock down completely. When you are ready to bring them up again shoot the reset target and they pop right back up to their original position. The Blast Back Targets come with an unbelievably sturdy 4-Leg base system that holds the target upright for all day shooting. In addition to the leg base each target is equipped with an angled deflection plate covering both the front legs and continuing all the way across the front target bar. This is designed to avoid damage to the target systems themselves as well as providing another level of safety for the shooter.

• Just place and shoot - Targets automatically pop-up by shooting black reset target
• Steel construction for durability with solid wide-set base
. • Heavy duty frame and leg base create extra stability with front leg anchor holes (grounds spikes included)
• Unique patented design offers consistent target knock-down and pop-up function
• Design incorporates Angled solid steel deflection plate
• High Visibility Targets

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