Do-All Body Shot Target 9mm - .30-06

Product Number: DOBS300
Item Price: $189.99
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Shipping Weight: 30.15 lbs.

• Pistol Calibers at a minimum distance of 30 yards
• .270, .30-.06, etc. at a minimum distance of 100 yards
• .22-.250, .223, etc. at a minimum distance of 200 yards
• Soft Nose Lead Bullets Only

The Do-All Outdoors Body Shot Pop-Up Targets are the first of the targets to join the Pro Series Target Line from Do-All Outdoors. This Pro Series Line is created for the most passionate shooters in the industry and designed with the specs to meet their needs. These targets are for every shooter out there who needs to sharpen their accuracy, speed, or just like to hear the ring of a solid hit. The Body Shot design allows the target to react with every hit and built for thousands and thousands of rounds. The steel itself is designed in a full torso shape, similar to what you find in many paper targets out there; only these don’t have to be replaced and don’t wear out. The full Torso shape provide ample target area and are removable for storage and reversible so you can practice on both sides of the target.

These targets consist of a unique spring system that lets them ring, react, and reset to their original position every time they are hit. As the shooter hits the target it will absorb the round falling backwards against the springs, and simply reset itself to the standing position. All of this happened within a matter of moments. The front base plate is designed with the ideal angle to deflect any missed or poorly placed shots directly into the ground. This base is sturdy and allows the shooter to be able to set it out once and have all day shooting without having to reset or move the target.

This design makes shooting steel an incredibly fun and enjoyable activity for every shooter out there. Whether you are a beginner shooter or a passionate everyday shooter these targets are built for everyone. They are made to last years and years and will help sharpen every shooters skills.

• Bounce back gallery style reaction to bullet strikes
• Sturdy steel construction built to handle thousands of rounds
• Large stable target base with downward deflective plate
• Body shaped targets are reversible for longer life
• Targets are easily removable for longer life
• Large high visibility targets.

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