Do-All Spin Cycle Target .17/.22 Caliber Rimfire

Product Number: DOSC22
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Shipping Weight: 20.56 lbs.

.22 Caliber Targets are Rated For:
Shorts, Longs and Long Rifles at a minimum distance of 30 yards
Mag’s and .17’s at a minimum distance of 100 yards Soft Nose Lead Bullets Only

These targets consist of a unique design that lets them react and settle back to their original position every time. As the shooter hits the target it will absorb the round falling backwards or forwards, depending on what target was hit. In addition to the large targets, the Spin Cycle bases sit almost four feet off the ground. The front base of the target is designed with built in target deflection plates so there is no need to worry about shooting up the base. The leg systems lets the shooter place the target out and have all day shooting without the worry or hassle of having to reset or replace anything.

This Spin Cycle design makes shooting steel a blast for every level of shooter out there. Whether you are a beginner shooter or a passionate everyday shooter these targets are built for everyone. They are made to last years and years and will help sharpen every shooters skill. The Spin Cycles are offered in 3 different Caliber Models to meet every shooters needs. Each model is built with a large top target and an even bigger lower target for those of us who need more practice than we will admit.

• Spinning windmill style target is perfect for sharpening accuracy, speed, and rapid target acquisition
• Great for competitive head to head shooting
• Targets return to up and down set position after each set
• Bullet deflection plate built into base fore added safety
• Large high visibility targets
• Sturdy steel construction
• Stable three leg target base

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