Hornady Rifle Bullet - .22 cal .224" 50gr GMX 50/box

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• Caliber: .22
• Diameter: .224"
• Grain: 50gr
• Bullet Type: GMX® • 50 Bullets per Box

These bullets are constructed of the same gilding metal that we use in our hunting bullets. This gilding metal differs from solid copper in that it’s harder, tougher and does not foul or increase pressure the way solid copper bullets do.

Engineered to perform across a wide range of velocities, these bullets deliver 2000 to 3400 fps and expand up to 1.5 times their original diameter, retaining 95% or more of their original weight. They penetrate DEEP, routinely penetrating 30 inches or more.

GMX® bullets are compatible with conventional reloading data, and deliver the same external ballistics as SST® and InterBond® bullets of the same weight.

    The GMX is constructed entirely of gilding metal, the same alloy we’ve used to make Hornady bullet jackets for decades. It shoots cleaner than pure copper, fouls less and delivers devastating terminal performance.

    Reduces both bearing surface and fouling.

    An aggressive boat tail and double cannelure design combine to reduce both bearing surface and drag to achieve the very highest ballistic coefficients in their class.

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