Lee .38 Special/.357 Magnum Carbide Sizer Die

Product Number: LEE90530
Item Price: $19.49
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 0.53 lb.

Caliber: 357/38 Special

The Lee Carbide Sizer Die comes in over a dozen different sizes to accommodate all of the most popular cartridge calibers, ranging from .30 M1 Carbine to .454 Casull. These sizer dies represent a new breakthrough in pistol die design, featuring a solid carbide insert that has been ground to a special contour that is guaranteed not to leave an objectional belt mark on the case.

Not only does the Lee Carbide Sizer Die offer improved performance over standard carbide dies, but it can be used without any case lube

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  Product Title In Stock Pricing
LEE90621 Lee Carbide Sizing Die - 32S&W Long/32H&R/32ACP In Stock   $19.49
LEE90619 Lee 38 Super Carbide Sizer Die In Stock   $19.49
LEE90618 Lee 380 ACP Carbide Sizer Die In Stock   $19.49
LEE90629 Lee Carbide Sizer Die 41 Remington Magnum In Stock   $19.49
LEE90531 Lee Carbide Sizer Die 44 Special/44 Russian/44 Mag In Stock   $19.49
LEE90533 Lee Carbide Sizer Die .45 Colt In Stock   $19.49
LEE90532 Lee Carbide Sizer Die .45 ACP In Stock   $19.49
LEE90548 Lee Carbide Sizer Die 9mm Luger In Stock   $19.49
LEE90787 LEE U CARBIDE SMALL BS DIE SW40 In Stock   $19.49

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