MEC Powder Bushing # 31

Product Number: ME05031
Item Price: $3.49
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 0.02 lb.

MEC offers an assortment of different bushings to accommodate different loads and different powders.
Consult your handloader guide for the proper bushings for your needs.

The use of an accurate scale is strongly recommended with the use of these powder bushing charts. Many things can cause a variation from the weight listed on the chart. They include but are not limited to the following:
• Powder density. The manufacturer's tolerance can cause a slight variation from the weight shown on the chart, and may even vary from lot to lot.
• Individual operators give varying amounts of vibration to the machine causing the powder to pack. All loads should be checked during the actual reloading cycle. Do not just throw a powder charge and expect it to be the same as during the reloading cycle. Even the amount of powder in the reloader's bottle may cause a slight variance.
• Powder exposed to the atmosphere can pick up moisture and weigh heavy.
• The larger the flake size, the lighter the charge tends to be.
• A machine that is not solidly mounted will usually not throw charges as uniform as one that is.
• Single-stage machines will usually throw heavier charges than progressive reloading machines.

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