Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint LF .22 .224" 35gr Spitizer 100/Box

Product Number: NO45150
Item Price: $22.99
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Shipping Weight: 0.63 lb.

• Caliber: .22
• Diameter: .224"
• Weight: 35gr
• Type: Spitzer
• Quantity: 100 Bullets per Box

• Unique Metallic- Colored Polymer Tip: Activates immediate expansion upon contact at a wide range of velocities.
• Fragmenting Copper Core: Allows rapid and absolute displacement of target.
• Ultra-Thin Copper Jacket: Retains structural integrity at ultra-high velocities yet fragments completely upon impact.
• Flat Base: Ballistically engineered for ultra-high velocities and extreme accuracy.

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  Product Title In Stock Pricing
NO39510 Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint .22cal .224" 40gr Spitizer 100/Box In Stock   $22.99
NO39522 Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint .22cal .224" 50gr Spitizer 100/Box In Stock   $22.99
NO53335 Nosler Custom Competition Boat Tail Hollow Point 22 Cal 52 Grain 250/Box In Stock   $50.99
NO39526 Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint .22cal .224" 55gr Spitizer 100/Box In Stock   $22.99
NO39560 Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint .22cal .224" 55gr Spitizer 250/Box In Stock   $49.99
NO17101 Nosler .224 69 gr Custom Competition HPBT 100/box In Stock   $22.99
NO53065 Nosler .224 69 gr Custom Competition HPBT 250/box In Stock   $53.49
NO53064 Nosler Custom Competition .22 cal .224" 77gr HPBT 250/Box In Stock   $59.49
NO25116 Nosler .224 80 gr Custom Competition HPBT 100/box In Stock   $26.49
NO53080 Nosler .224 80 gr Custom Competition HPBT 250/box In Stock   $61.99
NO19254 Nosler Custom Competition 22cal 77gr HPBT 1000/Box In Stock   $185.49
NO65823 Nosler Custom Competition Bullets 22 Caliber (.224 Dia.) 69 Grain Hollow Point Boat Tail In Stock   $181.99
NO39473 Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint .22cal .224" 60gr Spitizer 250/Box In Stock   $51.49
NO34992 Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint .22cal .224" 60 Spitizer 100/Box In Stock   $23.49
NO62634 Nosler 22 cal 40gr .224" Ballistic Tip Varmint 1000/Box In Stock   $185.99
NO17255 Nosler Varmageddon 22 cal 40gr FBHP 250/Box In Stock   $35.99
NO17270 Nosler Varmageddon 22 cal 55gr FB Tip 250/Box In Stock   $37.49
NO22421 Nosler .224 77 gr Custom Competition HPBT 100/box In Stock   $25.99
NO49563 Nosler Custom Competition 22cal 80gr HPBT 1000/Box In Stock   $185.49
NO17230 Nosler Varmageddon .22 cal 40gr .224" FB Tipped 100/Box In Stock   $14.99
NO17225 Nosler Varmageddon .22 cal 40gr .224" FBHP 100/Box In Stock   $14.99
NO17235 Nosler Varmageddon .22 cal 55gr .224" FBHP 100/Box In Stock   $15.49
NO38135 Nosler Bonded Solid Base 22cal 64gr 100/Box In Stock   $39.99

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