RCBS 38 Special/357 Mag Roll Crimp Carbide 3-Die Set

Product Number: RC18212
Item Price: $60.49 $44.99
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 1.67 lbs.

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Our Carbide dies eliminate an entire step in the reloading process: lubricating cases. It's due to a diamond-lapped tungsten-carbide inner ring that's so smooth cases simply can't stick (or get Scratched). These are top-of-the-line dies, built for a lifetime of flawless performance.

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  Product Title In Stock Pricing
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RC22210 RCBS 50 AE Steel 3 Die Set In Stock   $44.49
RC18215 RCBS 38 Special/357 Mag Taper Crimp Carbide 3-Die Set In Stock $60.49  $48.99
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RC23101 RCBS .357 Sig 2 Die Set - Steel In Stock $39.49  $32.99
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RC18805 RCBS 44-40 WCF 3 Die Set In Stock   $44.49
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RC35208 RCBS 480 Ruger 3-Die Set In Stock   $44.49
RC18512 RCBS 41 Mag Carbide 3 Die Set In Stock $60.49  $48.99
RC18612 RCBS 44 Special/Mag Carbide 3-Die Set In Stock $60.49  $48.99
RC23210 RCBS 9mm FAR 3 Die Set In Stock $76.99  $62.99
RC23808 RCBS 500 S&W Mag Steel 3 Die Set In Stock   $44.49

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