Remington Rem Oil Wipes Cannister 60 count

Product Number: RT18384
Item Price: $8.99
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 0.86 lb.

• Packaged in a clever, pop-up container containing 60 wipes, Remington offers the most versatile gun oil around!
• Measures 7x8 inches and is safe to use on most firearms and metal equipment
• Wipes are quick and easy to clean dirt and grime form most metal surfaces while preventing rust and corrosion
• Dipslaces non-visible moisture from most metal pores
• Removes Fingerprints
• Leave behind a tough, long-lasting film to keep working to reduce metal-to-metal wear long after use

• Each cloth measures 7x8"
• Pre-Moistened for quick, convenient use
• Over 20% more product than most other brands!
• Includes Teflon Lubricant on each wipe

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