Sierra 243 Cal (.243/6mm Dia.) 70 gr Moly MatchKing HPBT 500/box

Product Number: SI1505M
Item Price: $152.99 $149.99
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Shipping Weight: 5.93 lbs.

Moly 70gr HPBT 500PK

For serious rifle competition, you'll be in championship company with MatchKing® bullets. The hollow point boat tail design provides that extra margin of ballistic performance match shooters need to fire at long ranges under adverse conditions.

Exacting tolerances assure record-breaking accuracy you can depend on, box after box.

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  Product Title In Stock Pricing
SI1560 Sierra .243/6mm 100 gr GameKing SBT 100/box Out   $24.99
SI1540 Sierra .243/6mm 100 gr Pro-Hunter SPT 100/box Out   $22.49
SI1570 Sierra .243/6mm 107 gr MatchKing HPBT 100/box In Stock $31.49  $30.99
SI1570C Sierra .243/6mm 107 gr MatchKing HPBT 500/box Out $153.49  $150.99
SI1570M Sierra .243/6mm 107 gr Moly MatchKing HPBT 500/box Out $182.49  $178.99
SI1502M Sierra 243 Cal. (.243/6mm Dia.) 55 gr Moly BlitzKing 500/box In Stock $158.99  $155.99
SI1502 Sierra 22 Cal. (.243/6mm Dia.) 55 gr BlitzKing 100/box Out   $26.49
SI1502C Sierra (.243/6mm Dia.) 55 gr BlitzKing 500/box Out $132.49  $130.49
SI1500 Sierra (.243/6mm) 60 gr Varminter HP 100/box In Stock   $21.49
SI1507 Sierra .243/6MM Dia. (.243/6mm Dia.)70 gr BlitzKing 100/box Out $26.99  $26.49
SI1507C Sierra .243/6mm 70 gr BlitzKing 500/box Out $133.99  $131.49
SI1507M Sierra 6mm (.243/6mm Dia.) 70 gr Moly BlitzKing 500/box Out $159.99  $156.99
SI1505C Sierra 243 Cal. (.243/6mm Dia.) 70 gr MatchKing HPBT 500/box Out $125.49  $123.49
SI1505 Sierra 243 Cal. (.243/6mm Dia.) 70 gr MatchKing HPBT 100/box Out   $25.49
SI1510 Sierra 6mm (.243/6mm Dia.) 75 gr Varminter HP 100/box Out $21.99  $21.49
SI1515 Sierra 6mm (.243/6mm Dia.) 80 gr Varminter® 100/box Out   $21.99
SI1530 Sierra .243/6mm 85 gr GameKing HPBT 100/box Out   $24.99
SI1520 Sierra 6mm (.243/6mm Dia.) 85 gr Varminter SBT Blitz 100/box Out   $22.49
SI1535 Sierra 6mm (.243/6mm Dia.) 90 gr GameKing FMJBT 100/box Out $23.49  $22.99
SI1537 Sierra 6mm (.243/6mm Dia.) 95 gr MatchKing HPBT 100/box Out $29.49  $28.99
SI1537C Sierra MatchKing Rifle Bullets (500/ct) 6mm/.243 cal .243" 95 gr HPBT Out $143.49  $140.99

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