Winchester Supreme Elite® Dual Bond .460 S&W 260gr 20/Box

Product Number: WNS460SWDB
Item Price: $68.99
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Shipping Weight: 1.62 lbs.

“Offering the Dual Bond bullet design as both a shotgun sabot slug and big bore handgun bullet sets a new standard in bullet technology,” said Glen Weeks, Winchester Ammunition Centerfire Product Manager. “No other product on the market matches its design or performance characteristics. Dual Bond is clearly one of the most innovative bullet designs in the history of Winchester.”

The ‘bullet within a bullet’ design results in 12 segments which deliver dramatic stopping power and massive tissue damage. The Supreme Elite Dual Bond is suitable for whitetail deer to large dangerous game, such as brown bear.

Why the dual jacket?
The outer jacket is designed for rapid and maximum upset and opens up to six dramatic segments. The inner jacket works with the bonded lead core and forms six additional segments at a controlled rate resulting in a mushroom that is 1.5 times larger than the original bullet diameter.

The heavy outer jacket is mechanically bonded to the inner bullet. The inner bullet utilizes a proprietary bonding process which welds the lead core to a second jacket which results in a design that provides for a combination of knockdown power, solid penetration and significant ? tissue damage while retaining nearly 100% of the original weight. The Supreme Elite Dual Bond offers a large hollow point cavity, which provides consistent upsets at a variety of ranges and impact velocities. Combined, this patented technology results in lethal energy transfer on impact.

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