Berger Bullets 270 Cal. (.277 Dia.) 140 gr Match Hunting VLD 100/Box

Product Number: BB27502
Item Price: $45.99
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 2.39 lbs.

The VLD design incorporates a sharp nose that allows the bullet to penetrate up to 3 inches before it starts to expand. This delayed expansion results in a wound channel that is deep inside the vital area of any big game. After the bullet starts to expand it will shed 80% to 90% of its weight into the surrounding tissue traveling as deep as 18 inches. This results in a massive wound cavity that creates the greatest possible amount of tissue damage and hemorrhaging within the vital area (organs). This massive and extensive wound cavity result in the animal dropping fast. This is not loaded ammunition.

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BB27501 Berger Bullets 270 Cal. (.277 Dia.) 130 gr Match Hunting VLD 100/box In Stock   $44.99
BB27503 Berger Bullets 270 Cal (.277 Dia.) 150 gr Match Hunting VLD 100/Box In Stock   $49.49

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