COR-BON 44 Mag 320 gr Hunting Hard Cast 20/box

Product Number: CBCB44320HC
Item Price: $36.99
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 1.60 lbs.

44 Mag 320gr, HC , 1175 fps/ 981 ft/lbs, 20/box

"BSP"(Bonded-core Soft Point),"BC"(Bonded-core) Each bullet is carefully weighted , swaged and inspected by hand to ensure that you have the strongest bonded bullet available. The soft lead core is heat soldered to the outer jacket to make a bullet that will not break apart - not even after hitting hard bone. These bullets stay together when pushed to very high velocities - they expand producing excellent knockdown power and stay in one mass to provide deep penetration. "PEN"(The Penetrator)ª Was designed specifically for tough skinned, heavy muscled game. It carries a heavy full copper jacket over a linotype hard lead core. No expansion what-so-ever is wanted or expected from this design. "HC"(Hard-Cast) These bullets are made with premium linotype hard lead using the famous JD Jones flat nose design. They fly straight and provide excellent shocking power and deep penetration-with no expansion. "FPPN" (Flat Point Penetrator) Full copper jacket and a very hard lead core.

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