Do-All Outdoors Auto Adjustable Wobbler Kit For Auto Traps

Product Number: DOAWK45
Item Price: $209.99 $189.99
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 27.59 lbs.

Fits all Do-All Auto Traps excluding the White Pheasant

The Do-All Outdoors Aerial Assault Wobbler presents real life shooting situations, random incomers and away shots as well as fast quartering and passing shots.

• The motorized wobbler will automatically throw each target in random positions.
• Seamlessly mounts to the Aerial Assault and takes place of the pivot mount.
• Any shooter can have every type of target presentation automatically.
• From left to right the wobbler kit moves a total of 45 degrees.
• Up and down movement from fifteen to 45 degrees.
• Weather proof and durable steel construction.
• Powered by any 12 volt battery (not included).

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