Do-All .22 Caliber Steel Roundup Dueling Tree

Product Number: DOQS9022
Item Price: $54.99 $39.99
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 22.17 lbs.

All of the new Steel Round Up targets incorporate a spring-loaded mechanism that is adjustable to the bullet load and/or distance of the shooter. By tightening the internal adjustment spring you can vary the rotating target resistance.

The Steel Round Up’s unique designs alleviate bounce back with a spring-loaded, snap-into-position feature that set Do-All Traps targeting systems apart from all others. The slight forward lean in our frame gives the shooter a safe feeling, knowing the bullet ricochet is immediately sent downward. Each unit comes with four ground spikes to ensure stability.

The .22 Steel Round Up has eight targets that are a hefty 8mm thick. These meaty targets combined with our new adjustable spring technology provide many variables to the avid marksman. Depending on the spring setting and distance you can shoot .22 short, .22 long, .22 mags’ and even the hot new .17’s. This unit assembles quickly and easily and is great fun and perfect for the range or the hunting lease.

• .22 roundups are rated for shorts, longs, long rifles, Mags & 17’s
• Stabilizing ground spikes & Forward leaning for downward bullet deflection increase safety
• Design alleviates bounce back with a spring loaded, snap-into-position feature
• Hefty targets and spring technology provide many variables to the avid marksman
• Adjustable spring tension (dictated by size of round and distance)
• Targets have right to left and left to right range of motion

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