Do-All Outdoors ACCU-AIR FORCE 1100 W/ Simmons 4X32 SCOPE

Product Number: DOSBF11
Item Price: $82.99
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Shipping Weight: 9.12 lbs.


Do-All Outdoors announces the release of the AccuAir Force 1100 Air Rifles. SHOOTS 1200 FPS WITH GAMO RAPTOR PELLETS. These high powered, durable air riles are perfect choice for any target shooter and fun for the whole family. The AccuAir rifle is offered in a durable all weather black synthetic that is offered in an Un-scoped model, or Scoped with a Simmons 4 x 32 scope specially made by Simmons for the AccuAir 1100 Rifle. The rifles produce an outstanding 1100 feet per second with just one cock of the barrel. If you are looking for a high-powered and deadly accurate air rifle at a retail price, than look no further. The AccuAir Force 1100 air rifles are a well balanced .177 caliber air rifle that comes with everything a hunter or target shooter needs. The rifles have a barrel break cocking system (30 lbs Cocking Effort) that is easy and quick to use. Both Models offer an all weather synthetic stock as well as molded cheek pads, which will provide supreme comfort. The barrels front sight is fitted with an Optic-Bright High Visibility sight for extreme accuracy. In addition to this the rear is set up with a fully adjustable precision target sight, which will provide the shooter windage and elevation adjustments. The barrel has a polished blue steel receiver with “Weaver Style” machined telescopic sight rail. The AccuAir Force 1100 has a non-slip design with precision cut checkering on the pistol grip and fore end. The trigger is equipped with an inside trigger guard mechanical safety. Each model comes with a specially contoured rubber recoil pad for recoil absorption. The AccuAir Force Models are the ultimate air rifle for any hunter or target shooter.

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