Forster Headspace/Gauge .223 Rem No Go 1.467

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.223 Rem. NO-GO

This is the only way to reliably measure and test the length of the rifle chamber. Accuracy and safety is threatened when excessive headspace exists. Unsupported brass fired in a rifle action with excessive headspace may rupture, allowing gas to blow rearward like rocket exhaust. Head-space Gages are made with painstaking care to ensure accurate testing of your rifle's chamber. Gunsmiths - When chambering a new barrel, these tools are invaluable in ensuring a tight, accurate, safe chamber. If your rifle closes on a:

GO Gage: Rifle chamber will except any ammo that is made within S.A.A.M.I. (national standard) specifications.
NO-GO Gage: Rifle chamber may have excessive headspace. Most gunsmiths chamber a rifle's headspace between the GO and NO-GO dimensions.

Headspace Gages for Rimless Calibers

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