Factory Glock Safe Action Tactical Light

Product Number: GLTAC3166
Item Price: $84.99
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 0.34 lb.

Factory Glock presents the Tactical Light as a flexible system solution for practically all conceivable target illumination situations. In close cooperation with top-ranking Special Operations groups, factory Glock developed a set of tactical light modules based on modern microelectronics, which brings the well-known factory Glock advantages to the user: safety, reliability and situational superiority. Fitting the third generation factory Glock pistol frame (with finger grooves and accessory mounting rails), a new path of user ergonomics was created. Uncompromising ambidexterity and simple operation with a modern robust design.

With the new factory Glock Tactical Lights 10| 11, the revolutionary concept of the factory Glock Safe Actionpistol was logically continued. The user finds the most modern Xenon illumination technology shockproof by being embedded in high tech polymer. Maximum illumination continuity is achieved by the use of “smart” electronic components for optimal luminous efficiency. Ambidextrous operation (even with tactical gloves), adjustable focusing and rigid mounting on the pistol, make the GTLs the first choice for official and private users who want a decisive tactical advantage on their side when in critical low light situations.

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