Pepper Plus Pepper Fog 2 Oz. 10% OC

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Pepper Plus Self Defense Pepper Spray in a leather keycase. This pepper spray is 1/2 ounce. The pepper spray was just manufactured and is guaranteed FRESH. It will last 24 months from the day of purchase. We are the manufactures of this product Pepper Plus and since we make it fresh daily you know that it has not been sitting around on some store shelf or warehouse for months. Stops Attackers Fast! Simple and easy to use Effective and safe Pepper gas formula Police tested and approved Proven effective on persons under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Pepper Plus incapacitates one or more attackers for up to 30 minutes. The effects are immediate: A severe burning sensation in the eyes will occur with copious tears, coughing and difficulty in breathing. The eyes close involuntarily, the nose runs and moist skin stings. One shot to the face causes instant panic and physical agony. When used this product has a powerful spray that will discharge to a range of 8-10 feet. PEPPER PLUS CONTAINS OLEORESIN CAPSICUM.

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