Glaser Safety Slug® - .380 ACP 70gr Glaser Blue 6/Pack

Product Number: GY00600
Item Price: $10.49
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Shipping Weight: 0.11 lb.

• Caliber: .380 Auto
• Grain: 70gr
• Type: Blue Ball
• Velocity: 1200 fps
• Energy: 224 ft/lbs.
• 6 Rounds per Pack
• American Made. American Owned.

The Glaser Safety Slug is a high velocity, pre-fragmented projectile, produced in a round-nose style bullet. Against inanimate targets such as wood, the bullet does not break up, providing effective barrier protection. Impact with tissue stimulants causes immediate and complete fragmentation, releasing the core particles in a cone shaped pattern of over 300 sub-projectiles (30 Cal.). This 100% energy transfer occurs twice as rapidly as conventional projectiles. Guaranteed 100% feeding reliability provided by the new round-nose style bullet. Superior penetration in solid targets over conventional projectiles due to higher velocity and muzzle energy. No exit penetration of animate targets in any Safety Slug Caliber.
Custom Scored Jacket
Designed for controlled fragmentation

Compressed Core
Large amounts of compressed #6 or #12 shot, with uniform density guarantees target accuracy

Round Nose Design
Maximizes ballistic coefficient and effective range.

Hardball Profile
Polymer tip guarantees smooth feeding in all firearms

The #12 shot is capped with a Blue ball. It produces immediate energy dispersal, creating abrupt stopping power. It is optimally designed for warmer climates and lighter clothing.

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