Hornady Handgun Bullet - .470 cal .474" 500gr DGX 50/box

Product Number: HO4747
Item Price: $67.49
Multiple Qty Discounts: 10 items at $64.49 each
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Shipping Weight: 4.22 lbs.

• Caliber: .470
• Diameter: .474"
• Grain: 500gr
• Bullet Type: DGX® (Dangerous Game eXpanding)
• 50 Bullets per Box

In the most dangerous hunting situations, you need a bullet that WILL NOT FAIL no matter what the circumstance. Hornady® DGX® (Dangerous Game eXpanding) and DGS® (Dangerous Game Solid) bullets are constructed of copper clad steel and a high antimony lead core. The DGX® bullet incorporates our patented InterLock feature that locks the core and jacket together, improving retained weight of the expanded bullet. Each caliber utilizes the same profi le for both the DGX® and DGS® bullets, offering the ultimate uniformity, which is ideal when shooting both bullet types through the same firearm.

    • The flat nose aids in expansion and straight penetration, eliminating possible deflections.
    • The serrated nose section of the jacket and the sidewall thickness profile give the ultimate combination of controlled expansion, weight retention and depth of penetration.
    • The heavy copper clad steel jacket is 0.098” thick and penetrates deep through hide, muscle and bone.
    • Patented InterLock ring locks the core and jacket together, improving retained weight of the expanded bullet.
    • Recommended muzzle velocity range: 1700 to 3000+fps

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