Italian Gun Grease Italian Sized Performance Pack

Product Number: IGIGGIPP
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Shipping Weight: 0.93 lb.

After reviewing the analytics we've collected since January and many requests for a larger performance pack we are now for this weekend only conducting a trial offer of the three most popular items. To entice you even more we've included not only a FREE Sample size TrueGrease but you will also receive a free Vinyl Decal! This item will be automatically removed from the store on Sunday at midnight. If it sells well we'll develop new packaging and release it in about 30-60 days. However, upon its return it will not be offered with the 1cc TrueGrease™ Sample or the Vinyl Decal so take advantage of this exclusive offer NOW!


  • Tactical Lubricant (6oz) – phenomenal friction reduction – improves accuracy
  • Carbon Eliminator™ (6oz) – quickly dissolves carbon down to the micro pores
  • Copper/Lead Eliminator™ (4oz) – fast removal of both copper & lead – no bad smells
  • TrueGrease™ (1cc *SAMPLE*)– For this limited release ONLY.

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