Lee .54 300 grain REAL Muzzleloader Double Cavity Mold

Product Number: LEE90398
Item Price: $17.99
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 1.00 lb.

Double Cavity w/Handles: .54 Cal, 300 grains

The Lee REAL Muzzleloader Mould - Double Cavity (Handles Included) is just one reloading and casting product sold by Lee. This mould comes complete with strong and durable handles and offers a unique cleaning action that makes loading solid bullets easier, even after multiple firings.

This mould is much faster and easier to load than a round-ball with patch, producing excellent heavy-load hunting bullets for enhanced accuracy. Each of the bands is tapered to the rear with an angle that resembles a lathe center, thereby keeping the bullet perfectly centered. Once pushed in, the bullet centers in the bore automatically.

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