Lightfield 20 Gauge 3" Hybred™ MAG-20 Sabot Slug

Product Number: LHLF3M20
Item Price: $14.99
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 0.43 lb.

These slugs come in a convenient 5-pack for easy carry and belong to Lightfield's Hybred Mag-20 line of 20-gauge sabot slugs. This line of sabot slugs represents an improvement on the Hybred series, delivering more power with the same commitment to quality and performance.

The slugs belonging to the Hybred Mag-20 line by Lightfield utilize a post wad, which serves as a stabilizer that, in combination with a keyed slug, ensures maximum rotation, torque, and velocity - these features combine to deliver improved down-range trajectory along with unmatched accuracy.

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