Lightfield 12 Gauge 3" Hybred-Elite™ Sabot Slug

Product Number: LHLFE312
Item Price: $14.99
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 0.63 lb.

These 12-gauge, 3-inch sabot slugs belong to Lightfield's Hybred Elite line of sabot slugs, and they come in a convenient 5-pack for easy carry. These slugs are top of the line, guaranteed to outperform other slugs in their class. This fact is proven by a 98 percent approval rating received in an NAHC independent field test.

Lightfield's Hybred Elite sabot slugs measure only 3 inches in length, but they deliver 3,628 foot-pounds of muzzle energy. These slugs are packed with hourglass-shaped pellets, and they are designed for use in both smooth and rifled shotgun barrels. No other sabot slug performs like the Hybred Elite.

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