Lyman 2500 Pro Magnum Tumbler

Product Number: LY7631692
Item Price: $75.69
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 9.23 lbs.

• 110-Volt

The Lyman 2500 Pro-Magnum Tumbler was specifically designed with the high-volume reloader in mind. This powerful tumbler features a large, 2-gallon bowl that has the capacity to clean up to 1,000 .38 Special cases at once without sacrificing quality or speed. Simply put, this tumbler gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

If you are looking for a high-capacity tumbler that works quickly and efficiently, look no further than the Lyman 2500 Pro-Magnum Tumbler. This tumbler delivers powerful cleaning action thanks to a heavy-duty motor and an advanced drive system.

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