Lyman - The Universal Power Trimmer

Product Number: LY7862005
Item Price: $289.99
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 12.86 lbs.

Universal Power Trimming: Another Lyman Innovation

The hand-operated Lyman Universal Trimmer was an instant success because it accurately trims virtually all cartridges without changing shell holders. Lyman's next breakthrough innovation was adding power. The Universal Power Trimmer has all the accuracy and fast cartridge case lock/unlock of the original trimmer. Plus, the powerful 175 RPM motor adds real ease, speed and powered primer pocket cleaning to the process. Trimming is rapid and uniform with precise, fully adjustable settings for overall trim length. The replaceable cutter head accepts all Lyman pilots. Includes 9 of the most popular pilots.

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  Product Title In Stock Pricing
LY7821992 Lyman Trimmer Pilot # 31 In Stock   $3.99
LY7821994 Lyman Trimmer Pilot # 32 In Stock   $3.99
LY7822001 Lyman Trimmer Pilot # 35 In Stock   $3.99
LY7822009 Lyman Trimmer Pilot # 36 In Stock   $3.99
LY7822002 Lyman Trimmer Pilot # 37 In Stock   $3.99
LY7822003 Lyman Trimmer Pilot # 39 In Stock   $3.99
LY7822012 Lyman Trimmer Pilot # 40 In Stock   $3.99
LY7822006 Lyman Trimmer Pilot # 44 In Stock   $3.99
LY7822005 Lyman Trimmer Pilot # 44A In Stock   $3.99
LY7822008 Lyman Trimmer Pilot # 45 In Stock   $3.99
LY7822007 Lyman Trimmer Pilot # 45A In Stock   $3.99
LY7822010 Lyman Trimmer Pilot # 47 In Stock   $3.99
LY7821995 Lyman Trimmer Pilot # 8mm In Stock   $3.99
LY7821997 Lyman Trimmer Pilot # 9MM In Stock   $3.99
LY7862009 Lyman Universal Carbide Case Trimmer In Stock   $103.99
LY7862000 Lyman Universal Case Trimmer In Stock $83.99  $79.99
LY7862003 Lyman Universal Trimmer Power Pack Combo In Stock   $94.99
LY7821983 Lyman Trimmer Pilot # 50A In Stock   $3.99
LY7862001 Lyman Universal Trimmer Power Units In Stock   $23.99

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