MEC 9000GN - 28 Gauge

Product Number: ME9000GN28
Item Price: $629.49
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Shipping Weight: 30.15 lbs.

Includes (1) 3/4 oz. Charge Bar & (3) Powder Bushings: #14, #16, #21

For seasoned reloaders, the MEC 9000GN Reloader is the ideal choice. This press is of the highest quality and comes loaded with features, including a shell ejection, automatic indexing capability, E-Z Prime primer feeder, and 10 operations for six stations. Made specifically for reloading 28-gauge cartridges, this reloader is set at 2 3/4 inches.

The reloader is made from strong and durable steel, has an auto cycle for charging, and comes with a power ring resizer that ensures shells are consistently sized for extreme accuracy. As a result, overall shooting performance is enhanced.

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