Moultrie GPS Game Spy Connect® Pay As You Go

Product Number: MFHGSCP (Product replaced MFHGSC. Prices may vary.)
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The Pay As You Go Plan is compatible with Moultrie’s Game Spy hunting camera models -- I-35, I-45, I-65, I-45S, I-65S, M-45 & M-65.

No Contract Required!
The GPS Game Spy Connect Pay As You Go is the perfect hunting camera accessory. There’s no contract required; you pay for remote access to your hunting camera only as needed.Each plan offers 30 days of Pay As You Go access or a set number of medium resolution photos -- 200 for the Tracker, 400 for the Hunter and a Season Pass that offers four consecutive months of either plan. After 30 days, or when you’ve reached the download number from your hunting camera, that’s the end of your commitment.

You can sort images by time, date, temperature, moon phase and other customizable fields to see where the big game is moving. It will send an e-mail notice that a picture or video was taken by your hunting camera or send the picture to your cell phone with a text message.

  • Automatically upload images from your favorite hunting spot daily, hourly, or immediately after the image is taken; allowing you to stop intruding on your favorite hunting location and leaving your scent behind to scare off trophy class game.
  • Create image albums and galleries using the pictures from the field.
  • View, enhance, edit and save images in your photo galleries.
  • Plot and view locations of game activity using GPS coordinates that are tagged to your photos by the Moultrie GPS Connect module.
  • Sort and search your stored images by time, date, moon phase, temperature, barometric pressure and customizable ID fields, to find out where and when the big deer are moving.
  • Control your camera from anywhere in the world with Internet access. You can view battery life and, depending on your camera model, change your camera’s settings instantly.
  • Depending on you camera model, change from still to video mode or change delay times; all camera settings can be controlled remotely from your log-in page.
  • Receive automatic e-mail notification that a picture was taken and e-mail images to your friends.
  • Receive a text message that a picture has been captured to your cell phone. Great for security – simply log into your account and see who is on your property.
  • Flexible plans available for any size operation.

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