Nosler AccuBond Long Range 6.5mm .264" 129gr Spitzer 100/Box

Product Number: NO58943
Item Price: $44.99
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Shipping Weight: 2.24 lbs.

• Caliber: 6.5mm
• Diameter: .264"
• Weight: 129gr
• Type: Spitzer
• Quantity: 100 Bullets per Box

For long-range shooting, Nosler AccuBond Long Range Bullets are specially designed to enhance performance. This particular bullet is made using a unique manufacturing technique whereby it is bonded with the highest ballistic coefficient possible that ensures quick expansion.

This process also eliminates problems of being too close, which is something seen with many B.C. hunting bullets. Also included is a sleek ogive designed to offer unrivaled accuracy for a variety of several different firearms without needing to be loaded close. This bullet is 1.35 inches long, boasts a tipped bonded boat tail, and comes uncoated.

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