Product Number: PC050095
Item Price: $27.99
Availability: In Stock
Shipping Weight: 0.63 lb.

Considering the low price, Hornady Cam Lock Bullet Puller is a strong and reliable tool used for reloading. Measuring 1.2x1.2x6 inches, this bullet puller is without doubt the easiest and fastest method for pulling bullets with a drill press. To use, the puller is simply clamped down, and the bullet easily pulls out.

Included with the Cam-Lock bullet puller is a product manual, which offers extremely helpful information. This puller is made to use standard collets, which are sold separately, according to caliber. Rather than struggle when trying to pull bullets, this puller is the ideal solution.

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  Product Title In Stock Pricing
PC392154 CAM-LOCK BULLET COLLET .172 Out   $9.99
PC392167 CAM-LOCK BULLET COLLET .204 Out   $9.99
PC392155 CAM LOCK COLLET #2 .22 CAL Out   $9.99
PC392156 CAM-LOCK BULLET COLLET .243 Out   $9.99
PC392157 CAM-LOCK BULLET COLLET .264/.257 Out   $9.99
PC392158 CAM-LOCK BULLET COLLET .277 Out   $9.99
PC392159 CAM-LOCK BULLET COLLET .284 Out   $9.99
PC392160 CAM LOCK COLLET #7 308/312 CAL Out   $9.99
PC392161 CAM-LOCK BULLET COLLET .321/.323 In Stock   $9.99
PC392162 CAM LOCK COLLET #9 338/358 CAL Out   $9.99
PC392163 CAM-LOCK BULLET COLLET .375 In Stock   $9.99
PC392164 CAM-LOCK BULLET COLLET .410/.416 Out   $9.99
PC392165 CAM-LOCK BULLET COLLET .430 In Stock   $9.99
PC392166 CAM LOCK COLLET #13 451/458 CAL Out   $9.99

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