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The Hornady 3-Die Pistol Taper Crimp Die Set is the perfect set of tools to precisely seat and taper-crimp your pistol bullets all in a one-step process. This set of dies includes a taper-crimp seater die, a pistol-style expander die, and a titanium-ring full-length sizer die.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to taper-crimp and seat your bullets, look no further than the Hornady 3-Die Pistol Taper Crimp Die Set. These dies are part of the Hornady Custom Grade line of custom pistol dies, which features the innovative non-slip Zip-Spindle design, ensuring not only a precise alignment but easy spindle-lock tightening as well.

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PC546534 3-DIE TAPER CRIMP 10MM/40DIE SET In Stock   $45.99
PC546555 3-DIE TAPER CRIMP 45 ACP DIE SET In Stock   $45.99
PC044172 Hornady Taper Crimp Die Taper Crimp Die 45 ACP In Stock   $19.79
PC044171 Hornady Taper Crimp Die 40 S&W/10MM In Stock   $19.79
PC044170 Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension Taper Crimp Die 9mm, 38 Super In Stock   $19.79

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