Caldwell Deadshot Field Pod Premium Kit

Product Number: PH488555
Item Price: $67.99 $62.99
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Shipping Weight: 3.71 lbs.

The DSFP Optics Adaptor attaches onto your existing Dead Shot Field Pod and provides multiple different mounting options for accessories. A full featured tripod head with a quick detach plate allows any devise with a standard ¼ 20 threaded hole to be quickly attached and detached. A spotting scope, video camera or still camera can be attached and used alongside or in place of a gun.

  • Mounts to any existing Field Pod
  • Includes a full function tripod head with quick detach plate
  • Accepts additional quick detach plate and Pic Rail (included)
  • Rotates to remain on DSFP when collapsed
  • The Digiscoping bracket attaches to nearly any spotting scope (eyepiece must be between 27mm and 58mm in diameter). Once attached to a spotting scope, the ¼ 20 threaded bolt will mount any camera with standard treaded hole. Micro adjustments allow the camera to be perfectly aligned with the spotting scope's eyepiece for viewing or capturing photos. The Smart Phone Cradle included with the kit allows a phone to be used on the digiscoping bracket and easily aligned with the micro adjustments. The Cradle can also be mounted to a quick attach plate and then used on top of the tripod head in the Optics Adaptor Kit to capture photos, video or display ballistics data for precise firing solutions. Digiscoping bracket is constructed of cast aluminum and weighs approximately 13oz, the Phone Cradle is powder coated steel, includes protective pad and elastic cords for securing phone; weighs approx. 8oz.

  • Capture close up images through a spotting scope.
  • Micro adjustments allow fast and precise alignment
  • Phone Cradle with ¼ 20 mount included
  • Capture photos, video or display ballistics data
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