PMC 308 Win/7.62 Nato 147gr FMJBT Bronze 20/box

Product Number: PM308B
Item Price: $17.99 $14.99
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Shipping Weight: 1.37 lbs.

.308 Winchester Centerfire Rifle Cartridge, 147-Grain Full Metal Jacket Boat-Tail Bullet, 2780 fps, 20 Rounds Per Box

One of PMC's ammunition lines is PMC Bronze Centerfire Rifle Ammunition, which offers high-performance accuracy and velocity while still managing to be cost-effective. The line is designed with recreational shooters in mind, due to its affordability.

There are both full metal jacket (FMJ) bullets and full metal jacket boat tail (FMJ-BT) bullets included in this line, depending on your needs. There is also the option of .50 BMG, 7.62x39 mm, .308 Winchester, and .223 Remington for FMJ bullets, each of which feature a heavy copper jacket around the lead core bullet. These particular bullets are ideal for increasing penetration, while the FMJ-BT ones are ideal for hunting and target shooting.

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